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As part of today’s New Game+ Expo, Suda51 made another surprise appearance to celebrate the return of one of his earliest games and its sequel to western fans via a compilation localization.

Published by NISA, The Silver Case 2425 pairs both The Silver Case, one of Suda51’s earliest works, and its later sequel The 25th Ward. These were both previously remastered (or remade, since 25th Ward was originally a mobile title) and released on PlayStation systems, but this will mark their first appearance on Nintendo consoles in the west.

Both are crime mystery visual novels/adventure games, and feature music from Msafumi Takada. For anyone unaware, he’s the same composer behind Suda51’s killer7 and No More Heroes, as well as favorites like God Hand, and the Danganronpa series.

The Silver Case 2425 will come to Switch in North America on July 6th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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