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Do you like the idea of anime girls forming rock bands and having fun with their gal pals while dealing with the turbulence and trials of youth? Then you might dig the sillily named BanG Dream! franchise (nicknamed the far-less silly Bandori!), a multimedia series whose mobile game Girls Band Party! has been one of the more popular anime-style rhythm games of the past few years, featuring both a huge slate of original songs by seven different bands (some real, some fictional) and a whole bunch of anime covers. And now that the game approaches its 4th anniversary in Japan, it’s been announced that it’s coming to Switch sometime in 2021.



Bandori! isn’t the first mobile rhythm game to head to Switch – the likes of Deemo and others before it have paved the way – although its port does raise a decent number of questions. Will it be a free-to-play gacha like its mobile original? Will it follow the exact same schedule of content release or a different one entirely? Will it come to Western shores at all?

As a bigger Bandori! fan than I’m willing to admit in writing here, I’d be more than happy to play the heck out of a Switch port, so here’s hoping that Bushiroad and Craftegg confirm a worldwide release sooner or later. In the meantime, you can check out the current worldwide release of BDGBP on your mobile device of choice right now.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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