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The Tales of series is in the midst of its 25th Anniversary celebrations, and while the majority of those are limited to Japan it looks like Bandai Namco Europe is lending a hand for English speaking fans.

On top of the multiple videos they’ve uploaded dedicated to individual titles, they’re shared a four part roundtable straight from the developers. I don’t mean current staff either, as this Q&A brought together individuals stretching as far back to the series’ roots to give an even fuller look back at multiple decades worth of games.

Just make sure to toggle on Closed Captions!

Part 1 – Stories



Part 2 – Characters



Part 3 – Battle System


Part 4 – Songs & BGM

There’s over an hour of discussion here, full of anecdotes and insights for the RPG franchise. Anyone interested in its history, or just curious about some of what goes into making and managing games, should definitely have a listen to what these veterans have to say.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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