The launch party never ends for Skullgirls, a game approaching its ninth birthday yet one that continues to grow and change. We’ve known fan favorite Annie of the Stars would be coming to the game soon, and even that another character would follow. But could anyone have predicted a whole Season Pass worth of DLC?

That’s right, Annie is just the first piece of a larger Season 1 Pass. As shown above and detailed on Steam, four brand new fighters are on the way including her. While they’re unknown for now, Skullgirls had several characters and concepts introduced during its previous crowdfunding campaign that produced its original wave of DLC.

Obviously some things have changed due to the effective dissolution of Lab Zero Games, but new developer Hidden Variable and publisher Autumn Games seems keen to keep this show going. While this is great news for the game as a whole, there are some unfortunate caveats for anyone that’s been playing Skullgirls on Switch.

For one, Annie (and presumably all of these DLC characters) will all be launching on PC before consoles – in her case, early March. When it comes to consoles though, only the PS4 version of the game will follow the Season 1 Pass content on any sort of planned timetable. While they want this content to reach Switch, they cite “unique technical complications” as a factor of why she will be coming sometime after her full May release.

As for pricing, the Season 1 Pass will set you back $34.99, with a sale planned during Annie’s launch to make that $29.99. Not only will this get you each character as they come all the way into 2022, but you’ll also receive an updated Digital Art Compendium and Soundtrack for Skullgirls. It’s also cited that depending on how well the Pass does, they may add additional content up to and including a fifth character, included at no extra cost for pass holders.

If you’re a fan of this dark deco fighter and its Endless Beta existence, be sure to read over the full details on the Skullgirls Steam post. Be on the lookout for Switch specific details sometime in the coming months.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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