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Have you ever wondered if Doomguy’s role could be filled by a “Doomgirl”? Doom Eternal Director Hugo Martin certainly has – and he’s something he’s thought very hard about. 

Speaking in an official Bethesda livestream demonstrating the game, Martin was asked by a viewer if he’d consider introducing a female slayer into the series in the future. “I’ve thought about it, actually,” Martin responds. “I think if we did it, I’d want it to be lethal.”

He continues, describing just how a female protagonist could potentially play differently from the male counterpart. “I think it’s interesting how it would impact the Glory Kills and the kind of weapons that she would have. The fighting style [would] certainly [be] all aggression, absolutely, but a different type of aggression. I would really strive to have it impact the gameplay in a way that was meaningful. I’ve definitely put a lot of thought into that, actually!”

You can catch the female slayer discussion in full in the video below at the 59:25 mark.



As it happens, there is already a notable female marine within the Doom lore. In another of Id Software’s first-person shooters, Quake III Arena, the NPC Crash is Doomguy’s military instructor. Perhaps Martin could implement his ideas with a playable Crash in the future?

Doom Eternal is available now on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop.


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Written by Reece Heather

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