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As we approach Harvest Moon: One World’s release date, Natsume Inc. still has a few more announcements to make. The latest piece of news is all about DLC – how many packs there are, what they contain, the prices, and that all can be purchased at a discount thanks to a Season Pass bundle.

Shared in a press release, here’s what you’ll be able to integrate into your farming adventures in Harvest Moon: One World starting on March 2nd (for those whole live in North and South America):


Season Pass

The Season Pass grants players access to all four Harvest Moon: One World DLC’s for $14.99 and is available on March 2. DLC’s launching after March 2 will automatically update in-game on their release dates.


Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack

Live your best life! Customize the interior of your house with 5 fabulous designs! You will also be able to upgrade your hoe, watering can, hammer, axe, and fishing rod an additional level, making growing crops, fishing, and mining easier and faster! This pack includes an additional level for all of your tools and five Different Interior Design Sets: Farm, Castle, Steampunk, Spaceship, and Starlight!

The Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack launches on March 2 for $2.99.


Far East Adventure Pack

A whole new world! A new chapter, new characters, and even new crops await you in the Far East Adventure Pack! Unlock an entire island! Explore the exotic land of Wagashi! Woo the locals! Meet new animals! Play through an entire new chapter in the game as you explore exotic Wagashi! Woo a new bachelor and bachelorette: the stoic Shogen and the cheery Sana! Plant new crops like rice, chop down bamboo trees, and meet some amazing new animals!

The Far East Adventure Pack launches on March 23 for $12.99.


Precious Pets Pack

Adorableness Overload! From Siamese cats to silver dapple horses, the Precious Pets Pack includes 12 unique animals that will love settling down on your farm!

The Precious Pets Pack launches on April 13 for $2.99.


Mythical Wild Animals Pack

Not just in fairy tales! Chocolate mint tigers and lava rabbits, oh my! Those are just two of the 10 fanciful wild animals you will unlock in the Mythical Wild Animals Pack!

The Mythical Wild Animals Pack launches on May 4 for $2.99.


You can still pre-order the base game of Harvest Moon: One World and secure the cute and cuddly Chicken plushie bonus before the game launches on March 2nd for North and South America and March 5th for Europe.


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