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Minecraft Dungeons has officially surpassed the 10 million player threshold across all platforms, and to celebrate, developer Mojang has announced a free gift coming to all players — on top of a newly-revealed DLC expansion.

The Swedish studio shared the news of their passion project’s triumph in a blog post earlier today. In the post, the team expressed their gratitude toward all the players who have been enjoying the game, and they announced a free gift as thanks for helping them reach such a milestone.

Beginning on February 24th, all players will receive a free cape and pet as part of an update on the same day.

Minecraft is wildly popular — there’s no denying that. It’s currently the highest-selling game of all time, and has even been represented in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a full roster member in Steve. When Minecraft Dungeons was announced, however, there were those who questioned if the brand power of the crafting classic would be enough to uplift a spinoff title in the somewhat niche genre of dungeon-crawling looters.

Such questions can now and forever more be laid to rest. To put that 10-million-player number into perspective, that’s about 5 percent of base Minecraft’s sales as of last year. That statistic doesn’t seem like a large amount on its own, yet for a spin-off title with little mechanical similarities to its source material, is an absolute win for the team at Mojang.

This news comes hot off the heels of the announcement for the game’s latest expansion, Flames of the Nether. The DLC will include an entirely new biome in the Nether, as well as new free content for endgame players known as Ancient Hunts. In Ancient Hunts, players will combat Ancient mobs in a procedurally generated dungeon that weaves into and out of the Nether itself. 



Participating in this new activity is the only way to acquire the soon-to-be-coveted Gilded gear. Within the Nether, players will also have a chance to find Gold, which is a new currency that can be spent with the Piglin merchant who will be moving into players’ camps with the arrival of the expansion.

The new Flames of the Nether DLC and free update will be arriving on February 24th, which is the same day the 10-million-player gift will be distributed.

Minecraft Dungeons is looking healthier than ever, and we’d like to share our heartfelt congratulations to the team at Mojang, whose small side project has become so much more than anyone could have ever imagined!


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