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WDW News Today has been absolutely killing it with their coverage of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. They’ve shared in-depth looks at the park’s food, merch, attractions, and so much more. In this latest piece, they’ve covered what is probably the most magical feature the park has to offer: the Power-Up Bands. 

The bands function as catalysts for just about all interactive attractions and minigames within the park, and connect to a mobile app that keeps track of park guests’ scores and accomplishments. The app itself is something Nintendo Wire’s own Jason Ganos also covered in a recent video on our YouTube channel

In WDW News Today’s coverage, they shared the initial setup of the Power-Up bands from start to finish, and they gave a quick breakdown on the bands’ functionality within the Universal Studios Japan mobile app:



Apart from their functionality within the park, they’re pretty adorable. I’d proudly wear my Team Luigi slap-bracelet to the next family event I attend, so that all may know that I support the superior Super Mario Brother.


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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