Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is finally starting to open up to (reduced) crowds, which means we finally get to see the hotly anticipated park in action. WDW News Today, and their sister YouTube channel Universal Parks News Today, have posted tons of high-definition footage from inside the park.

Videos of Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge has been uploaded, including ride throughs both with and without the AR glasses. Even though the ride is much slower than you may have anticipated, the details in the scenes are breathtaking, and the AR glasses add a chaotic level of interactivity.


The Yoshi’s Adventure ride is a much more standard omnimover dark ride, with a delightful Yoshi’s Island themed queue, as well as lots of adorable Yoshis and baby characters on the ride. This one seems really lovely!


The site also uploaded footage of the various minigames around the park that Nintendo has been touting for so long. This includes the Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown that is accessed once guests have accumulated points throughout the park.


Finally, they have footage of all 375 pieces of merchandise at the 1-Up Factory Store and Mario Motors, as well as a review of every food item available at Kinopio’s Cafe. Talk about thorough!

Keep it tuned here as we get closer to the official grand opening of the park, as well as monitor the progress of the version of Super Nintendo World currently under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood in California.


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Written by Bryan Finch

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