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Life sims are one of the most relaxing games around, and for good reason; leading a peaceful life in an idyllic town is an excellent escape from the real world. Sometimes, though, the genre needs a bit more spice and adventure. Thankfully, Twin Hearts’ new title Kitaria Fables is aiming to bring that touch of adventure without sacrificing the charm and atmosphere that the genre is known for.

Published by PQube, the upcoming life sim is part Story of Seasons and part Fantasy Life, featuring fluffy, anthropomorphic townsfolk and an adorable art style.

Players awaken in Paw Village, a small town within the land of Kitaria. The denizens of the community used to live in peace with the wildlife beyond the village, but times have changed, and the creatures in the wild have become increasingly more aggressive as of late. After settling into town and establishing their farm, players will be called upon to defend the village and help its residents uncover the truth behind the rising darkness within the land.



Here’s a deeper dive into the day-to-day life of the inhabitants of Kitaria, straight from the team at PQube:


Good Morning!

You have awoken in your new home of Thunderbunn Farm, Paw Village! Head out the fields and check on your crops, plant new seeds and harvest produce. 

You will need to make yourself known to your neighbours, helping out with mini quests around the village. The more you bond with your new friends, the more rewards you will receive as your relationships grow!

Prepare for Adventure!

The very first stop on any adventurer’s journey must be to secure vital provisions! With a variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds and more, you’ll be making a pit stop at Kiki’s market stall – she has everything you need and more.

There’s a ton of treasures to discover and beasts to battle out there in the wild, so better stock up on everything you need before you venture out into the big bad wildland of Canoidera.

Get Battle Ready!

A quick visit to Shamrock the blacksmith is a must before you even think about heading out into the wilds!

Wield melee weapons and bows while forging new spells in class-free combat. Kit your loadout in a way which suits your preferred style of battle and craft magic, weapons and armour which compliment your play style!”


Kitaria Fables will be ready to harvest on Nintendo Switch later this year!



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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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