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As part of the latest Feh Channel we got a look at this year’s Day of Devotion characters for Fire Emblem Heroes. Hailing (mostly) from Heroes’ own Askr, we now know the ins of outs of these royals.

Gustav and Henriette might be the most interesting additions here. Not only are these their playable debuts, but they’re introducing a new kind of effect. Called Savior, it allows a unit to swap places with another when targeted by an enemy. It’s another tool for armored heroes designed to bypass their poor movement and emphasize their tankiness.

Speaking of new effects, the duo of Líf and Thrasir will bring one called Deep Wounds. This will prevent targets from healing for a whole turn, letting you pile on damage without any bothersome recovery. Rounding things out is Alfonse, who will also appear at four star rarity.

The Love of a King summoning event, coinciding with plenty of Fire Emblem Heroes 4th Anniversary festivities, will begin on February 4th at 11 p.m. PT.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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