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2020 may have celebrated Pac-Man’s big four-decade anniversary, but the world’s most iconic arcade hero still has so much more in store for this year. Online art dealership and Dutch publisher Cook and Becker partnered with Bandai Namco to release a brand new dedicated Pac-Man art book this upcoming July. The coffee table-sized art book titled Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon will feature the character’s entire history. From being inspired by a missing slice of pizza to retaining the name of being declared one of the world’s most well-known icons, the art book will dive into all sorts of Pac-Man lore and public appearances in the media.


While the standard edition of the art book comes in at $39.95 (not including shipping that can go upwards of $11.95), two separate variants of the book will be available. A Collector’s Edition of the book (priced at $99.95) will come in a limited print of only 2,000 copies worldwide and includes a luxury case, replica arcade token, and vinyl re-issue of Buckner & Garcia’s disco phenomenon ‘Pac-Man Fever’. Meanwhile, the Signed and Numbered Edition of the book retails for $299.95 will only have a mere 40 prints in circulation as the limited package is the Collector’s Edition of the book, yet will be signed by Pac-Man’s one and only creator Toru Iwatani. This particular edition is currently sold out.



Interested in picking up this beautiful visual history? Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon’s three variants are currently available for pre-order on Cook and Becker’s official store page. The book is expected to ship July 30th, however, as goes the usual with all products during this time, customers may see a delay depending on market conditions due to the current pandemic. Order them while you can!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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