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There are many facets to farm life in Story of Seasons. How you plant your crops, how you spend your money, and how you tend to your livestock all play an important part in your pastoral success. When it comes to longterm goals, though, it’s all about the matchmaking. 

Deepening your relationship with that special someone is always important, and that goes for Pioneers of Olive Town as well. XSeed Games has pulled back the veil on these potential partners, introducing its full suite of bachelors and bachelorettes. 



For the bachelors, players will be able to woo the following, each with an alluring title of their own per the trailer:


  • Damon – The Aloof Stargazer
  • Ralph – The Dependable Ranger
  • Emilio – The Sociable Fisherman
  • Iori – A Noble Eastern Lord
  • Jack – The Clever Big Brother



As for the ladies, these bachelorettes get the same treatment as you vie for their attention and affections:


  • Reina – The Party-loving Anthropologist
  • Blaire – A Waitress with Big Dreams
  • Laura – The Ocean-loving Tour Guide
  • Linh – The Budding Florist
  • Bridget – Friend to all Animals


You can look forward to getting to know all ten of these prospects when Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town arrives on March 23rd. Keep those ears open for wedding bells!

You can pre-order the standard edition or the Premium Edition on Amazon today.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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