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The Nintendo DS unquestionably has one of the greatest libraries of any platform – portable or home console. Thanks to a recent announcement from Majesco, one of the titles from that stellar system, Monster Tale, is now officially headed to all current platforms later this year! Developed by Dreamrift, Monster Tale is a colorful and charming fusion of Metroidvania, puzzle-platformer, and pet management that’s sure to be yet another gem in the Nintendo Switch’s library.

The game sees protagonist Ellie transported to the mysterious Monster World, where a prophecy foretells of a child who will set the monsters free. Unfortunately, a group of foul children known as the Kid-Kings have also come to Monster World, and are using the prophecy to manipulate and enslave the land’s inhabitants.

Ellie teams up with a freshly-hatched monster she names Chomp, and must work together with her new friend both to rid the world of the evil Kid-Kings, and find a way to return to her own world. If she is to succeed, she must overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, learn new abilities, and raise Chomp to be the strongest monster he can be! 

The game features a vibrant ’90s-era 2D pixel art style, and a large variety of wacky and menacing characters and monsters to encounter throughout the land of Monster World.



It’s worth noting that the original release of Monster Tale was exclusive to North America, so here’s hoping that the game will finally see a global release when it arrives later this year. There’s no word yet on just when this DS classic will land on the Switch, or if it will receive a physical release on the platform, but make sure to stick around here at Nintendo Wire because we’ll be keeping a close eye on it!


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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