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While the semi-annual in-person speedrunning marathon had to quickly overcome the pandemic and its troublesome physical obstacles, Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2021 continued to succeed in hosting its charitable race for those in need despite being forced to go completely digital. This year the event had concluded with a total of over $2.75 million raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation – the second-highest donation total for a consecutive seven day run in the event’s history.



As can be seen above, AGDQ’s social media platforms have expressed their gratefulness for all the donators, technicians, and runners involved in making the event remotely possible this year. The money raised so far this year alone has pushed the event’s overall lifetime donation count to well over $30 million. On top of this, 2021 saw the first time ever that two-runners were able to break a world record back to back.

However, the end goal does not close at $2.75 million. AGDQ 2021 will continue to accept donations long after the games have ended. Viewers have already raised another two hundred thousand dollars for charity since the livestreams came to a close yesterday. If you would still like to donate to the organization’s cause, you can head on over to AGDQ’s website before payments close. You can also buy select merchandise from Fangamer where a select portion of the sale will be donated too (The Yetee has stopped accepting pre-orders of their  AGDQ 2021 collection, which raised $167,783).

For those interested in viewing this year’s record-breaking runs, prizes, and various statistics, you can view all of the information on the same webpage.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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