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A new revision of Nintendo Switch hardware has been datamined, codenamed ‘Aula’. The news comes from SciresM, a reputed hacker and dataminer who divulged details as reported on ResetEra. Here’s a brief rundown:


  • The hardware uses a Mariko SoC (Tegra X1+) and will apparently support some form of 4k resolution — it uses a Realtek chip advertised as “4K UHD multimedia SoC,” but it seems unlikely to run at 4k in handheld mode, and much more likely to do so with the help of a new dock.
  • Aula does explicitly support handheld mode, so it’s not some sort of inversion of the Switch Lite. While there were files for a Switch model “calcio” found in the firmware, this appears to be for internal company use, as it has no gamecard slot or battery.
  • Mariko’s cooling and battery life are just a direct improvement over the current Switch’s chip.
  • SciresM speculates that the new model will operate similarly to a PlayStation 4 Pro in the sense that it will offer better performance for certain games but not be strictly necessary for them.
  • The upgraded tablet has an OLED screen.


This is all unverified at the moment, so take it with a grain of salt. That said, the listed specs are quite reasonable, and given that rumors of a “Switch Pro” have been bubbling for years now, it doesn’t seem farfetched that the concept might be a reality soon.



Via: Wccf


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