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It’s pretty amazing what crafty creatives have been able to conjure up with the Lego Super Mario sets and Mario Kart Live Home Circuit. The crafters over at Playfool are especially adept at using the sets to their fullest, having reverse-engineered the barcodes that make the Lego Super Mario sets work back in August. The duo has done it again, this time combining both sets into a Mario Kart Double Dash-esque creation that you can do at home!

Using a custom paper saddle, they’ve made it possible to attach Lego Mario onto the back of the RC kart and drive him through custom tracks with added Lego enemies and items. The caveat is that the Lego enemies have to be made of paper to actually work with the kart, but it all works together so well that it almost seems official.

You can watch the full video and get your own printable Lego Mario saddle below!

In these uncharted scientific waters of Super Mario toys-to-life playsets, we often ask ourselves ‘could we’ yet we never stop to ask ourselves ‘should we’. In this case though, the answer is yes, we absolutely should.

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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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