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Hades is a very chatty game, as revealed by a recent infographic straight from developer Supergiant Games, which breaks down both the total amount of voiced lines and the biggest (and briefest) chatterboxes in the cast of 30 fully voiced characters.



Of the over 21,000 voiced lines, it’s of little surprise that our wry, snarky protagonist Zagreus would have almost half of them at 8,500. His pops Hades is at a distant second with “only” 1,600 unique lines. In comparison, the least amount of lines go to Tisiphone (190) and Charon (120). Considering the former just screams variations of “murder” ad infinitum and the latter literally growls, it’s quite impressive that they have over a hundred takes. The last fun fact revealed is that Hypnos has a whopping 75 unique responses to your cause of death. That’s a lot of ways to die (and begging for Asterius’ autograph)!

It’s kinda amazing how an indie studio was able to pack so much content into the game. All without crunch! If there’s any example the wider industry can learn from, it’s Supergiant.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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