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Fire Emblem Heroes is keeping its yearly traditions going with more kimono-clad characters coming to the game soon. On top of that, though, this can feel like a follow up to last year’s. A duo of important story characters? Check. A third original character as a standalone? Yep! Familiar kitsune and wolfskin units are given some new clothes? Absolutely. 



From Fire Emblem Fates, we get both Kaden and Velouria celebrating in Hoshido style, with Keaton also available via an upcoming Tempest Trials event. If you’ve been following the recently ended Book IV storyline you may be more drawn to Plumeria and the latest duo of Peony and Triandra – the latter of which can use their Duo skill to effectively refresh other units twice in a single turn. 



While normally these special hero focuses have kept to themselves, in a new twist Heroes is combining this banner with last year’s. While that’s potentially bad news for anyone trying to summon a specific character, yet if you’re okay with anyone then it’s a perfect chance to pick up a New Year’s hero at a heightened rate. 

The celebrations start on Thursday, December 31st, at 11 p.m. PT when players will also be gifted five first summoning tickets to ring in the holiday and say get lost to 2020. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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