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The Nintendo Switch (and Nintendo Switch Lite) sold over 1.35 million units in November, bolstered by Black Friday sales to bring its 2020 sales up to 6.92 million and make it the best-selling console of November. That alone would just be another figure for a shareholder to make moony eyes at, but November had the launch of not one but two new competing video game consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5. Even though the PS5 did earn more revenue compared to the Nintendo Switch, it’s ultimately down to unit numbers.



While it may appear from a certain angle that Nintendo trounced the competition financially, but considering it’s a console well-established enough to have a Black Friday bundle with a huge library of games. Competing against (more expensive) consoles with sparser launch lineups, accounting that the Switch has gone for 24 consecutive months with the most units sold and that the PS5 had the best launch month in the history of video game consoles, it’s not quite the knock-out blow it might appear to be. Still, the Switch is doing quite well, and will presumably continue to do so over the holiday season.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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