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As Fire Emblem Heroes closes its fourth chapter, foes old and new are preparing to face the Order of Heroes. As part of today’s Feh Channel broadcast, Nintendo has introduced Book V with the debut of a new video trailer. Watch, and welcome the kingdom of Niðavellir.

In Niðavellir, science and magic have been melded together into the steampunk inspired seiðjárn. Through this fusion, the people of this realm don mechanical armor known as Gullinbursti. These quadrupedal mini-mechs are unlike anything seen in Fire Emblem Heroes, opening up the possibilities of new gameplay alongside these story developments.

As has been the case with previous Books, by playing through the first Chapter of Book V summoners can gain a new, original character. The latest to ally with the Order of Heroes is Reginn, princess of Niðavellir joining as a Mythic Hero. Other new characters include Otr and Fafnir, to continue the Norse mythological influence on Heroes.


As revealed in today’s Feh Channel, multiple bonuses will be live to celebrate the beginning of Book V. Gather up as many Orbs as you can and check out ongoing events to acquire the new characters from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones – Duessel, Caellach, Selena, Knoll and Natasha.

The Fire Emblem Heroes 5.0.0 update will be live starting with the next in-game day, beginning tonight (December 7th) at 11 pm PT.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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