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The next installment of Civilization VI’s premium DLC is here. Focused on Babylon, the ancient capital city of Babylonia (present-day Iraq), King Hammurabi’s support of science and infrastructure, and creation of the Code of Hammurabi has translated into a science-focused civilization in the world of Civilization VI.



The Babylon Pack introduces Hammurabi as the leader of Babylon. The Babylon civilization excels at Science, as well as Government and Infrastructure. Also included is the new Heroes and Legends game mode, two Unique Improvements (The Mahavihara and The Trading Dome), six new City-States, and 24 New Great People.

To see a complete and detailed list of what the Babylon Pack brings to the game and stat breakdowns, you can check out the pack’s overview page and the blog post announcing its release on the official Civilization VI site.

You can purchase the Babylon Pack individually for $4.99 on the Nintendo eShop, or find it included in the Frontier Pass which costs $39.99.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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