In the words of the red plumber himself, “Mama mia!” Nintendo’s Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. will be releasing next Friday, November 13th, but before its release, Nintendo has acknowledged an accidental language error that only affects the “Mario Drawing” song.

When selecting French, German, Spanish, or Italian the song’s lyrics will accidentally show up as German, French, Italian, Spanish retrospectively. The English, Dutch, and Japanese lyrics have been unaffected by the technical hiccup found in the device. For those who are affected by this, Nintendo has reassured customers that the song’s language lyrics can be changed at any time while the tune plays and apologizes for the inconvenience.

If you have no idea what the “Mario Drawing” song is, this composition included in Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. was used as a promotional piece for an official Mario themed Flipnote Studios competition. The song was directly created through the 3DS application and featured a remix of Special 8 from Super Mario 3D Land. Have a listen to it below!



With the reveal of this error, we have an idea of how the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is utilizing Mario’s 35-year history. There will be plenty of easter eggs to discover when the device launches on Friday, November 13th. 


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

Ever since owning a cobalt blue Game Boy Advance, Nintendo is his preferred way of gaming. Marc is a journalist, creative writer, and video producer. While his focus may be on providing news, he spends his days preparing reviews for games of the present and past.