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The cyberpunk parkour action title Ghostrunner from co-publishers All In! and 505 Games is sprinting onto the Nintendo Switch today. Developed by One More Level, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks, Ghostrunner will have you hone the skills of a ninja as you leap and slash across a futuristic city with the ability of one-hit-kill combat to climb Dharma Tower, humanity’s last remaining shelter after a world-ending cataclysm.



Early adopters of Ghostrunner will be able to obtain two in-game exclusive items from now until Thursday, December 10th. The two items are an exclusive Katana Sword item and a Nintendo-themed Katana Sword. For those interested in Ghostrunner, you can sneak your way onto the game’s official website and visit the Nintendo eShop later today to purchase the game for $29.99 (yet available now in Europe). Hurry though, as the future is the only thing that will kill you.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

Ever since owning a cobalt blue Game Boy Advance, Nintendo is his preferred way of gaming. Marc is a journalist, creative writer, and video producer. While his focus may be on providing news, he spends his days preparing reviews for games of the present and past.