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Palicoes and Felynes have always been a key part of the Monster Hunter experience, and with the addition of the canid Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise the co-operative cuteness is showing no signs of stopping. They have amiibo on the way, for one, but on the official Monster Hunter Twitter we’re seeing piece after piece of concept art and promo illustration featuring the two.

Above we’re treated to the duo out on a stroll, no doubt celebrating having just skinned a monster to craft new weapons. Or maybe it’s just time to eat, I don’t know, both would evoke that kind of joy. Speaking of joy, see what happens when they meet the new Wirebug buddies.

In the above thread (no pun intended) we get a decent explanation of the Wirebug’s functionality and place in the Monster Hunter world. We also get to see this gem of an image:

Monster Hunter Rise is still prepping and gearing up for its big debut early next year on March 26th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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