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In just a couple weeks Sora, Donald, and Goofy will be back in the Kingdom Hearts rhythm game we always hoped for. Melody of Memory’s Japanese site has been updated to show a wealth of new songs, as noted and compiled by Kingdom Hearts Insider.


An Adventure in Atlantica
End of the World
Pirate’s Gigue
Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship
Fragments of Sorrow
Guardando nel buio
Hollow Bastion
Monstrous Monstro
Spooks of Halloween Town
Dance of the Daring
Fields of Honor
Old Friends, Old Rivals
Rowdy Rumble
Sacred Moon
Byte Bashing
Desire for All That Is Lost
Monochrome Dreams
What Lies Beneath


What A Surprise?!
Happy Holidays!
358/2 Days
Crossing to Neverland
Birth by Sleep
Black Garden
Castle Escapade
Neverland’s Scherzo
The Secret Whispers
The Tumbling
Daydream upon Neverland
Radiant Garden
Risky Romp
Dream Drop Distance
Access the Grid
Digital Domination
La Cloche
Prankster’s Party
Le Sanctuaire
Sacred Distance

Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS

Sora – Allegro con brio


Medley of Conflict

Other Titles

Circle of Life
A Whole New World
Beauty and the Beast

The most notable additions are in the “Other Titles” section, bringing in a trio of classic Disney songs. Circle of Life, A Whole New World, and Beauty and the Beast will fit in well with the rest of the game’s music and give diehard Disney fans a little extra something. Be sure to head over and check our guide for the full list of songs.

These new tracks get us up to the “over 140 songs” mark that has been referenced previously, such as in this Melody of Memory staff interview from September. These tracks weren’t the only updates found on the Melody of Memory site though, as King Mickey now has a dedicated page as well as his Thearhythm style sprite.

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