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Falcom’s well-regarded Trails series has started coming to the Nintendo Switch with porting of the latter two Cold Steel games, but it’s far from the complete picture, with seven games in the overarching plot being missing. Yet out of the blue, it’s been announced that four of those games are heading to the system… in Asia.

The news comes via Korean publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment, who have announced via Twitter that they will be bringing Trails of Cold Steel, Trails of Cold Steel II, Zero no Kiseki, and Ao no Kiseki to Switch. Oddly, only China and Korea will be receiving all four – Japan will only be getting Cold Steel and Cold Steel II, as of right now.

Both Zero and Ao no Kiseki originally launched in Japan for the PSP in 2010 and 2011 respectively and have yet to receive official English localizations. Cold Steel I and II, meanwhile, were PlayStation Vita games that did receive English localizations and ports to the PlayStation 4 and PC courtesy of XSEED.

We’ll just have to wait and see if these ports release outside of Asia.

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Written by Tom Brown

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