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Trainers who love collecting Re-Ment’s Pokémon sets and exploring the Galar region should prepare to catch the toy company’s latest batch of diorama figures. The new series of Pokémon-themed terrariums has taken a spotlight on Sword and Shield’s homeland as the figures being featured are the region’s three starters, Yamper, Wooloo, and Galarian Ponyta. Have a look at the latest lineup of randomized figure boxes hitting online and store shelves in Japan below!



Unlike the majority of Re-Ment’s various other Pokémon Terrarium Collection sets, these figures have shells that are designed to resemble Poké Balls and come with a stick of flavored gum. The Wooloo and Yamper figures also feature Eevee and Pikachu retrospectively – it would not be a Pokémon Re-Ment series without the two popular Pokémon! Re-Ment’s Galar Terrarium Collection is now available for 800 yen (about $7.59) each. Sadly, Play-Asia closed their pre-orders for the complete set, but it might come back in stock once all orders are shipped out. If so, you can use code NINWIRE to save 5% at checkout!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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