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Pre-orders for the sea-themed Pokémon Re-ment set are now available at Play-Asia. Save 5% when using the code NINWIRE at checkout!

Scuba diving isn’t for everyone, but the wondrous (fictional) creatures of the sea can be examined up close and personal without getting the bends thanks to these new Kirameki no Umi (“Glittering Sea”) Pokémon dioramas.

These light blue sets fit together in a variety of combinations featuring six individual types, each with a different set of Pokémon: Pikachu and Popplio, Vaporeon, Slowpoke and Pyukumuku, Squirtle and Staryu, Marill and Corsola, and Dewgong. No substitute for a real aquarium, of course, but the soft hues and quaint details make these a charming pickup for any Poké-fan if you can get your hands on them.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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