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As audiences are soon bound to crashland on the fruitful planet PNF-404, Nintendo has announced that the Pikmin line of short movies is being delisted from both the 3DS and Wii U eShop this week on Thursday, October 8th (reported by Japanese Nintendo). Originally released on November 14th, 2014, Pikmin surprisingly received three short animated films titled “The Night Juicer,” “Treasure in a Bottle,” and “Occupational Hazards” that tied into the release of Pikmin 3’s multiplayer update. The three films follow the mini misadventures of Captain Olimar and a group of Pikmin.



Nintendo has confirmed, however, that these shorts will not be disappearing forever. After the films are no longer purchasable from the eShop, they will all be uploaded to the company’s YouTube page that very same day – likely to promote the upcoming Deluxe release. For those of you that have previously purchased the individual movies, you can of course still download them after Thursday, October 8th. When the three shorts are available to watch for free on YouTube we will be sure to let you all know!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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