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While Steve and Alex were the main draw for today’s Mr. Sakurai Presents, new Mii Fighter costumes were bound to make an appearance. Sure enough, Sakurai delivered with a handful of new Minecraft costumes and a couple of surprising guests. 



For Minecraft, Brawler Costumes for the Creeper and Pig were revealed while Swordfighter will don Diamond Armor. The Creeper in particular is a sight to behold, taking the explosive terror and giving it… limbs. We also saw the return of Gil from Bandai Namco’s classic Tower of Druaga. 

Also revealed was a costume based on Bomberman! Already in-game as an Assist Trophy, the Bomberman Brawler costume will change color depending on your Mii. No extra explosions, though Sakurai did suggest having an X-Bomb only bout with them…

Last but not least was a costume based on none other than the oft-requested Travis Touchdown. The No More Heroes lead is a Swordfighter with Beam Katana in hand, though he was announced per his own name and not “No More Heroes”, ala Altair. This could be due to NMH’s rating, but Travis creator Suda51 has already shared his excitement. 



These new Mii Fighter costumes will arrive alongside Steve on October 13th, each selling for $0.75.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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