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UPDATE: Oops! Guess the oversized 10” Mewtwo Funko POP! wasn’t supposed to be on Target’s store shelves after all. According to PokéPOP, Mewtwo and the (previously announced) oversized 10” Cubone Funko POP! figures have been street dated for Sunday, October 4th. Due to this, you won’t find Mewtwo listed on Target’s site nor will you come across the Psychic-type legendary on store shelves.


Another oversized Pokémon Funko POP! has escaped… provided if we knew their release date. The Target exclusive 10” Mewtwo Funko POP! is slowly gracing the retailer’s store shelves. Thanks to PokéPOP on Twitter, here’s a picture of the “big boi” Psychic-type Legendary out in the wild:



Note: The correct DPCI# is 323-01-4975.

To see if Mewtwo is available near you, you can check out the listing on as well as use an inventory tracker like Brickseek. If so, you can add the 10” Mewtwo figure to your collection for $29.99.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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