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A new update is on the way for Pokémon Café Mix! Found in-game and in the announcements section, café owners will be getting more orders added to the main game, more orders added to Master Café Mode, a new team mechanic, and some new Pokémon to peruse your humble establishment. 

We’ve transcribed the in-game announcement below:


Thank you for playing Pokémon Café Mix.

We are planning to implement the following features in the 9/22/2020 update.



Team function

  • You will be able to form a team with other players.
  • You will be able to participate in events with your team members.


Team events

  • A new type of event in which you work with members of your team. 
  • Snorlax is scheduled to appear in the very first team event.

Note: The first team event will start on 9/23.


With this update, new orders are also scheduled to be available on 9/22.

  • Orders #351 to #400 in the main game
  • Orders #176 to #200 in Master Café Mode
  • New Pokémon Plusle and Minun


We appreciate your patience until this update becomes available.


Hungry, hungry, Snorlax!



Thanks to the official Pokémon Café Mix Twitter account, we also have a preview of Plusle and Minun! 



Be ready to whip up new dishes and make some new friends next week when this big update is released on Tuesday, September 22nd.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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