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Today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase opened in the best possible way: with a big, beautiful doggo bounding across a rich, grassy landscape.

That was the opening for the announcement trailer of Monster Hunter Rise, a new title in the popular hunting series coming to Nintendo Switch.

The canine creature in question is a new species known as a Canyne, or Palamute when they’re assisting hunters, which players can ride upon while exploring. As far as buddies go, Felynes also return. Your hunter will be much more agile this time around, able to sprint up vertical surfaces such as cliffs, and zipping around locales with the new, grappling hook-style Wirebug.

As for the story, there is a glimpse of a village and a few characters, including an old fellow with an owl and twin sisters. The dialogue alludes to an incoming “Rampage” (with a capital “R,” so you know it’s serious), as well as a “great calamity” that occurred 50 years prior to the game’s events.

Of course, we also get a look at new monsters, including the game’s main big bad, Magnamalo, a bird wyvern called Aknosom, and a giant amphibian known as Tetranadon.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on Nintendo Switch on on March 26th, 2021.

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Written by Reece Heather

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