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Get ready for numbers like you’ve never seen in a strategy RPG! As part of today’s Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, NISA has announced Disgaea 6, the latest full entry in their long running series. It may be ditching its trademark sprites, but it looks like the Disgaea humor and over the top presentation is still here in full.

The protagonist this time is Zed, a zombie who gets stronger in death via Super Reincarnation, out to defeat the most powerful God of Destruction. Zed will ally with his sister Bieko and a whole host of other Netherworld denizens to embark on a path of deicide. You know, as these games do.

As shown in the trailer, this time around the max level for your characters will be 99,999,999! Max damage will also reach into the quadrillions, putting this one through the ceiling and then some when it comes to grinding those totals. You can also spot a few familiar faces, like the original game’s protagonist Laharl, in grand Disgaea tradition.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny will come exclusively to the Switch in Summer 2021.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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