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UPDATE: They have arrived! Okay, well, most of Pokémon Center’s Halloween 2020 collection is available to purchase. Go visit Poké to order the Pokémon Pumpkin Party plushies and the Haunted Pokémon Village set! Sit tight for the rest of the collection (plush hats and home decor items) to materialize soon.

Happy Spooky Halloween! Ok, the holiday is still weeks away, but we’ve seen previews of decorations and goodies all focused on the ghoulish and candy-filled holiday. In fact, last week we saw Japan’s Pokémon Center stores reveal this year’s theme and entire merchandise line. Usually we don’t know which pieces the North American Pokémon Center branch will carry, but it’s different this year! 

In a press release issued by The Pokémon Company, here’s what you can order “soon” on Poké


  • Pokémon Pumpkin Party Poké Plush: Some of the best trick-or-treat companions come in the form of Pikachu, Morpeko, Whimsicott, and Yamper in silly Halloween costumes.
  • Pokémon Pumpkin Party Poké Plush Key Chains: Adorable, costumed Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble, and Trapinch key chains add seasonal charm to Trainers’ backpacks, lanyards, and Halloween décor.
  • Litwick Plush Hat, Morpeko Reversible Plush Hat, and Hattrem Plush Hat: Top off any Halloween outfit with a plush hat featuring Litwick, Morpeko, or Hattrem. The Morpeko plush hat is reversible so that Trainers can sport the Pokémon in its Full Belly Mode and Hangry Mode.
  • Haunted Pokémon Village Figures: Mismagius, Mimikyu, Gengar, and Cofagrigus are featured in these highly-detailed and collectible Halloween figures that are a perfect centerpiece for seasonal décor.
  • Haunted Pokémon Village Printed Poster: The full Haunted Pokémon Village featuring Cofagrigus Crypt, Gengar House, Mimikyu’s Costume Shop, and Mismagius Charm Shop is beautifully illustrated in this decorative poster.
  • Haunted Pokémon Village Tin Signs: Adorn the house with a tin sign showcasing Gengar with its devious eyes.
  • Haunted Pokémon Village Window Clings: Add extra Pokémon Halloween flare to windows with these themed clings.




The Haunted Pokémon Village Figures is a big surprise! Similar to last year’s Delibird Holiday Express Figures, you can create your own like spooky Ghost-type haunting grounds in the comfort of your own home. If you need even more Halloween-themed merchandise, Pokémon Center still has pieces from previous releases available for purchase. We don’t know when this year’s Halloween collection will be available for sale on Poké, but we’ll issue an update here and on our Twitter accounts @NinWire and @WireDeals.

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