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There are many ways to play the Fight Crab, the upcoming bizarre brawler which features 23 types of playable crabs, 48 different weapons, and various control options. If you truly want to embody your crabby combatant, you may opt to use the Joy-Cons’ motion controls, which are demonstrated in developer Mastiff’s latest trailer.

Moving the left Joy-Con will control the left pincer, and the right Joy-Con the right pincer. You can tilt the Joy-Cons to make intimidating battle stances, swing them to swipe at your opponent, or thrust them forward to make jabs. The gameplay seen in the trailer below appears to take place in a tutorial mode, so hopefully, you’ll have a chance to practice your decapod death blows all you like before setting out on your journey to become the ultimate crustacean warrior.

Of course, if you prefer to use buttons, the latest Indie World blog post from Nintendo also explains how to fight the traditional way. You can use the left and right sticks to control the respective pincers, use the ZL/ZR buttons punch, and open and close your pincers with the L/R buttons. Keeping your pincers closed will allow you to defend incoming attacks.

The post also explains how you can activate “Hyper Mode” in order to blast your opponent with Dragon Ball Z-style energy attacks.

The sole developer of Fight Crab, who goes by the name Nusso, also shared some insight into how the in-game crab models were made. Nusso explained that he began by taking around 200 photographs of each type of crabs from various angles. He then imports them into a photogrammetry program called 3DF Zephyr, wherein a 3D model is made so that Nusso can make the final touches and tweaks.

Fight Crab will be heading to the Nintendo eShop on September 15th.

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Written by Reece Heather

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