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Takeshi & Hiroshi from Oink Games combined both puppet stop-motion animation and role-playing games when it launched to positive reviews exclusively on Apple Arcade last year. Now after Nintendo’s newest Indie World Showcase, we now know the game will launch on Nintendo Switch later today. Have a look at the trailer below!



As the 14 year-old young game designer Takeshi, your goal will be to craft an intricate but short RPG designed for his younger brother Hiroshi. Due to Hiroshi’s poor skills at playing video games, the RPG you design for him will have to be both easy and challenging for his skillset — the only problem is that you need to improvise the game’s creation as he plays along. To keep his younger sibling’s spirits high, Takeshi will have to ensure he designs a challenging video game that his brother will not fail to complete.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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