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Ninjala’s latest Version 2.0 update is certainly not being sneaky with addressing multiple requested adjustments and bug fixes. Last Friday, developer GungHo Online released a list of excessively detailed patch notes on the team-based action title’s official website. The latest update prioritizes improving matching environments, weapon balancing, and player interactions with the user interface. Some of the following major changes included in the latest update are listed below.


  • Matching has officially been unified across all regions.
  • You will now be more likely to be matched with players of the same rank.
  • Unpopular weapons such as “Iron Noise”, “Drum Beat”, “Mellow à la Mode” and “Trick Ball” have been enhanced.
  • The time it takes to launch a “Ninja Tornado” attack has been shortened. It will now be possible to attack more quickly than before, allowing weapons to be more useful in various situations.
  • The reaction when a player is hit by “Punishing Blade” has been altered to make it easier to land consecutive attacks. The effect time of the attack has been shortened.
  • All gum shoots can now be canceled by Specials.
  • An icon has been added to indicate a big weapon wins out over a smaller weapon with the same attack. This adjustment will make it easier to tell when a parry was won or lost normally, or due to weapon size.
  • It will now be easier to understand the current matching situation in the Standby Dojo. The remaining number of users still preparing in the lobby will now be displayed.
  • The positions of the “Standings” and “Detailed Results” buttons on the Results screen have been altered.
  • The Player Info screen has been adjusted to show level/EXP and rating gauges.
  • An issue with the “Mellow à la Mode” and “Trick Ball” weapons where defeating an enemy with a normal attack or back attack blast would not result in an IPPON even if the requisite conditions were met has been resolved.
  • In addition to the above, additional refinements and bug fixed have been implemented to ensure a smoother, more enjoyable game experience.


If you would like to take a look at GungHo’s complete list of patch notes you can find all the info on the Ninjala website’s news section. Like all other updates, Version 2.0 of Ninjala is required to access any of the title’s current online functionalities.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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