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A brand-new bug has been discovered in Paper Mario: The Origami King which, when triggered, will cause players’ games to freeze until restarted.

This bug involves using a POW Block during the Buss Sumo Bro rematch in the game’s Battle Lab: In the battle’s second phase, if players defeat the Boss Sumo Bro with a POW Block before defeating the accompanying Sumo Bro, the game will softlock and players will have to reset the game.

The bug can be seen in action thanks to YouTube channel Gaming Reinvented:



Once the bug occurs, Mario will be stuck in-air; background animations and the game’s music will continue to play, but players are unable to do anything until the game is closed and restarted.

While this won’t harm players’ save files, it will cause them to have to redo the entire battle — and to lose any progress made prior that wasn’t saved.

This new bug comes after Nintendo patched out several other issues, some of which were absolutely game-breaking — like the “Shangri-Spa Bug.”

If triggered, the Shangri-Spa Bug would prevent players from progressing further into the story, essentially locking them out of the game entirely unless they started over completely.

What’re your thoughts? Have you encountered this new glitch? Let us know in the comments!

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