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Recently, fans of the miniature-sized silver robot Chibi-Robo have potentially found a few credible pieces of evidence pointing towards the possibility that developer Skip Ltd. may have upsettingly pulled the plug on all of its operations. For those unaware, Skip is a studio that has worked closely with Nintendo over the course of the last two decades. The developer has created numerous titles exclusive to Nintendo platforms such as Captain Rainbow, LOL, Art Style WiiWare and DSiWare series, and of course the Chibi-Robo franchise.

As pointed out by several outlets such as One Controller Port and GameXplain, Skip’s website page is no longer functioning as it normally would. Typing in the company’s URL address will bring users to a “403 Forbidden” error page. While the domain is still registered and set to expire in 2021, it seems as if the site’s public appearance has already been taken down as it no longer has accessible content that can be viewed. It notably has also not received any updates since last February.


To further reinforce this, President Hiroshi Suzuki of Skip Ltd. completely removed his association with the company from his Twitter profile. Previously, Suzuki only had a link to the company’s website within his biography, but as you can see here by viewing his personal page, that is no longer the case as it is now entirely blank.

Finally, several eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Skip’s main base of operations located in Shibuya City Tokyo has seemingly vanished on Google’s map pages. The Sibuya office location appears to now consist of a trading center. Earlier in June of 2019, several Nintendo fans living near the offices had noted online that Skip’s placard outside of their headquarters was presumably covered up by building owners for unknown reasons.

While this story is still developing, if there is any official update from Skip Ltd. or Nintendo stating that the developer is permanently closing its doors, we’ll be sure to let you all know.

Via: Nintendo Life


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