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Amiibo fans ooo’d and ahh’d over the awesomeness of the Chibi Robo amiibo when it was first announced. Not only would it be a cute addition to any amiibo collection, but utilizing its capabilities could be a fun way to expand the upcoming Zip-Lash experience.

The fun doesn’t stop there when it comes to this robot adventure! Nintendo just released a site dedicated to the game, and this development has shown us that a whopping 57 character amiibo lineup will also be compatible with Zip-Lash. The other 56 amiibo will give players in-game coins when they’re tapped on the 3DS.


If you weren’t excited about this new title before, this news may peak your interest! It’s going to be fun seeing all the other amiibo interact with the game, that’s for sure.

Expect to find Chibi Robo! Zip-Lash in stores on October 9th for $29.99.

You can pre-order Chibi Robo! Zip-Lash on Amazon today!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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