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UPDATE: Footage from the leak is being scrubbed from the internet via DMCA claims.

    Nintendo just can’t seem to get a break lately when it comes to having its secret content leaking into public viewing, with a gigantic series of various prototypes and unused game assets being shared last month. This time, the internet has uncovered new details on another large Nintendo project, with the latest finding giving us an early look at the design and layout of the upcoming theme park, Super Nintendo World.

    A number of videos have been found (and since removed) on a Vimeo account thought to belong to a web designer working on Super Nintendo World’s official website. The videos appear to contain transitional footage that would presumably appear as people navigate to different areas of the park via the website. Most notably, a Mario Kart-themed attraction is highlighted at the end of the following video.


    The title “Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge” can also be seen in another video, which may be the ride’s official name. Promo images of the attraction have also been found, and it looks like it will be a roller coaster ride with a cinematic experience — likely using AR technology, going by this finding.


    A description of the ride reads, “A number of courses full of surprises, appear in front of you with the latest technology unique to the park!” Additional details below:

    • Ride time: ~5 minutes
    • Number of riders: 4
    • Height restrictions: 42″ (106.7cm)

    An uncovered render also revealed a restaurant named “Kinopio’s Cafe” (“Toad’s Cafe” in English).


    A user on ThemeParx managed to extract more information on another ride called “Yoshi’s Adventure.” The description reads, “Get on Yoshi’s back, follow Captain Kinopio and set off on a treasure hunt adventure, look at the Mushroom Kingdom from Mount Beanpole and have fun!” (Again, “Captain Kinopio” is the Japanese name for Captain Toad.) Another piece of text appears to inform participants to “Hunt the eggs.”

    Additionally, the post touches on a companion mobile phone app that Super Nintendo World visitors can use, which might be named “Mobile Mario.” The description is as follows: ”Link your smartphone to see play history, coins, and digital stamps! Game data can also be accessed at special checkpoints.” There also appears to be a ranking system, which encourages users to “Climb to the top of the table to be number one!”

    I’m sure the developer of these leaked videos isn’t having a great day, but it has to be said that their work is really quite wonderful, and we’re looking forward to seeing the website and the park itself in full.

    An announcement from Universal Studios Japan in June confirmed that Super Nintendo World’s planned summer opening would be delayed, with no new opening date as of yet.


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