GungHo Entertainment’s online, real-time action-strategy game Volta-X is releasing on Nintendo Switch on August 12th! The Saturday morning cartoon-infused mecha strategy title tasks players with building a highly customizable mech while managing a base full of anthropomorphic mech pilots as they fight to climb the ranks of the world’s largest robot fighting league.

Here’s a bit more on the Volta-X from the game’s official site:

“Volta-X  is a new strategy game where you take on opponents in intense robot battles. Face off against other players worldwide as you climb the ranks and uncover the dark secrets of Volta-X in gripping story battles.

In battle you’ll control more than just your robot’s moves, you’ll also direct your crew members to run from room to room making repairs, putting out fires, and activating the weaponry to blast your opponents into smithereens. To get the most out of your crew, you’ll need to plan ahead and think fast!”

You can check out the game’s launch trailer below!



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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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