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Modus Games is rolling out their newest release today with the clay-based platformer Skully. Players will start off only rolling around a head-sized character around its island environments, but with the help of some magic clay pools you’ll be able to morph and build up to take on different tasks. See it in action for yourself below:

Per its press release, Skully features:

  • Rewarding Platforming: Skully’s sense of momentum translates wonderfully while hurtling down paths and hopping between platforms, making movement super satisfying.
  • Incredible Powers: Sculpt one of three forms for Skully from clay found around the island to bash pesky fauna, reach new areas, and solve skull-scratching puzzles.
  • A Vibrant World: Skully’s journey barrels through seven wildly distinctive ecosystems across 18 chapters, making its isle feel like a sprawling world with unique regions.
  • Endearing Locals: A curious cast, including the peace-seeking ally Terry who granted Skully a second chance at life, bring a playful quest to life with stellar performances.
  • Volcano-Sized Stakes: Help Terry find a resolution to his siblings’ dispute before their argument ushers doom to their once-picturesque home.

You can purchase Skully today on Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One today for $29.99.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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