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The year is 2001, the July sun is burning hot and Poké-mania is in full-swing. Pokémon Gold and Silver were released last autumn and are established classics by this point, but Trainers want more. Enter Pokémon Crystal, Generation II’s illustrious third version. Crystal introduced fresh graphical updates like animated sprites and brand-new features such as the Battle Tower to bring the Poké-world to life like never before. Even the Legendary Pokémon were given an update, making them more pivotal to the story and giving them new unique battle themes. The cherry on top of the Crystal cake, however, is the ability to play as a female Trainer, allowing girls to fully roleplay in the Pokémon universe for the first time!

In the 19 years since its release, Pokémon Crystal has stood the test of time as an unquestionable classic. It saw a re-release on the 3DS Virtual Console in 2018, and since then has consistently topped the monthly 3DS’ digital sales charts. Whether you experienced this classic in its heyday or during its 3DS renaissance, it may be time to take a trip back to Johto!



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Written by Marcus Ramirez

A writer and dreamer who loves all things tropical, bright, colorful, and shiny. Marcus is obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and patiently awaits its triumphant return to Nintendo hardware. He has a (totally real) court order that requires him to always have a 3DS or Switch on his person when leaving the house for more than a few hours.