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With such an excellent abundance of first-party and third-party support on Nintendo Switch, and a great range of genres to choose from, it’s easy to assume that the system has all bases covered. Until now, however, the console has been severely lacking 3D crab battle simulators. Fortunately, publisher Mastiff and developer Calappa Games are stepping in to fill this decapod-shaped dent in the Switch’s library.

Mastiff announced today that Fight Crab will be heading to the Nintendo eShop on September 15, allowing you to finally live out your fantasies of becoming the ultimate warrior crab. The accompanying trailer features crustaceans wielding all manner of weapons, including swords, nunchucks, chainsaws. They can even ride mopeds and fire rockets at each other. What was that about dolphins being the most intelligent sea life creature, again?

It’s as bizarre as it sounds, and made all the more funnier with a peppy, Japanese rock song playing as crabs pound the living shell out of each other. The concept alone has me interested, and if you have 48 seconds to spare, I’d say it’s well worth your time.

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you don’t need a plot to convince you to try out the game, but Mastiff has delivered anyway. “Generous gods have bestowed uncanny strength and intelligence upon one of the world’s most resilient creatures – the crab,” the company states in a PR email. “Using their newfound abilities, these shelled warriors armed themselves with weapons and now battle for control of the lands, living by one simple rule: “those who are flipped onto their shells must admit defeat.”

The game promises 23 types of playable crabs, 48 different weapons, and 11 unique battle arenas. As for game modes, you can go pincer-to-pincer in 1v1 or 2v2 matchmaking, with offline and online co-op and versus battle modes. You can even use the Joy-Con motion controls to manipulate your crab’s limbs and defeat your opponent.

Well, I’m sold. We can’t yet confirm if the fights depicted in the trailer are historically accurate, but I know Sony would certainly be proud regardless.

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Written by Reece Heather

A lifelong Nintendo fan and a longtime editor at Zelda Universe, Reece will forever be grateful that he somehow dodged the Naughty List of Christmas 1998, when Santa delivered the life-changing gift of a Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Mario Kart 64. When he's not playing games, Reece is usually reading Punisher comics, delving helplessly into the weirdest depths of anime and manga, or spending time with his cocker spaniel Gracie -- the goodest girl ever!