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Given the scale of modern games it only makes sense that bugs are more liable to slip under the radar, and usually they’re circumventable – but this latest bug found within Paper Mario: The Origami King could result in you starting the entire game from scratch.

As detailed in Nintendo Unity’s video below, the bug occurs in the Shangri-Spa area, during the Green Streamer portion of the story. When an NPC asks to see your membership pass, it is removed from your inventory. If you happen to leave the area rather than progress forward, the next time you talk to that NPC they’ll still ask for your pass, not acknowledging that you already handed it over. As of right now, this means you’d have to re-start the game from scratch should you be unable to progress.

Another bug has also been discovered but it’s not quite as bad. Rather than making it impossible to complete the story, it instead makes it impossible to achieve 100%. As Gaming Reinvented reports, if you switch off the water in the Yellow Streamer’s Snifit City hotel and don’t free the Toad shaped like a surfboard before leaving, you’ll be unable to go back and get him.

Hopefully Nintendo will issue an update for these bugs sooner rather than later!

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Written by Tom Brown

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