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Yet again, Animal Crossing fans in Japan have more merchandise to collect. Inspired by the series’ latest release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this particular collection gives Timmy & Tommy Nook one of their cutest “plushie” versions yet. The catch to this set is that it’s only available via a lottery ticket system (or worse, entering a bidding war via an online auction). 

Those who are willing to take a gamble,  ¥650 will buy you one ticket. Only available at participating 7-Eleven stores, Ito-Yokado stores, and Nintendo Tokyo, you’ll have to hope for some luck in getting the item(s) you desire. Also, given its distribution method (lottery), this collection will be available from Saturday, August 15th, to late November.

Here are the possible prizes, listed from rarest to common:

  • Mini table (given to whoever pulls the last lottery ticket)
  • Large canvas bag (double chance prize)
  • Timmy and Tommy Nook tissue case/holder
  • Large blanket (applicable for outdoor and indoor use)
  • Lunch cooler bag
  • Water bottle
  • Clear pouch (4 designs)
  • Stackable mug (3 designs)
  • Hand towel or muffler towel (6 designs)


Bandai Spirits has been bringing its stalk market A-game lately with a variety of Nintendo themed lottery collections. Their latest captures New Horizons’ style extremely well, celebrating various aspects of the deserted island life. It’s sad to see this set limited to a lottery ticket distribution as it has enough charm to cement it as a longterm staple at the Nintendo Tokyo store, yes, yes.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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