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With Isabelle returning to the official Animal Crossing Twitter accounts, it means that it’s time for the series to branch out to other social media platforms. There has to be another site and/or app where we can show off our islands and residents, but which one is the perfect destination?

Instagram, yes, yes!    

The visual media-based social media app is now another place where Animal Crossing: New Horizons can call home, officially. Starting today, you can check out animalcrossing_official on Instagram and see posts “[i]ntroducing island residents and their everyday life.” So, who is getting the honor of being the first villager shown to the masses? It’s Twiggy!



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Go ahead and give the account a follow. Make sure to check in daily and see which villager is featured next, and find out whether or not Nintendo will utilize this account for New Horizons announcements!


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